SO Unbecoming Episode 20: Engineering Site Supervisor, Rachel D’Ambra

Episode 20 features my conversation with friend and fellow Navy spouse, Engineering Site Supervisor, Rachel D’Ambra. Not only is she a highly successful career woman, a 9 year Navy veteran, […]

SO Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf

About S.O. Unbecoming with Jamie Muskopf

Today military spouses are 24% unemployed and 54% underemployed. Despite sizable efforts by federal, state, and private entities to improve these statistics, military families continue to face challenges around maintaining dual careers during active duty life. This podcast celebrates significant others (S.O.’s) in various states of “unbecoming” by sharing conversations with military S.O.’s who explain how they are navigating the traditional workforce and actionable strategies from experts that can help all of us along the way.

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