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Would you like to be a featured guest on S.O. Unbecoming?

Our ideal guests will be:

1.) Military Significant Others (S.O.s), male or female, either returning to or finding success and struggles in the traditional workforce.

2.) Professional skills coaches, experts, educators, or service providers who can help military spouses prepare themselves to return to or advance in the traditional workforce. You do not need to be military affiliated to offer your expertise.

3.) Skilled at presenting organized thoughts and ideas in a conversational format designed to inform and serve others.

4.) Someone the world may not have heard from yet, but who has a story that will resonate with the military spouse audience as well as traditional employers.

5.) Advocates for dual career opportunities for military families.

We do not typically feature entrepreneurs unless they fit into the second category above.

We do not use our platform to expressly promote businesses or business opportunities.

We welcome people of all races, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and relationship statuses to participate.

Want to be a guest? Please pitch your idea using the form below.