SO Unbecoming Episode 6: CEO and Executive Coach Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan

In this sixth episode of SO Unbecoming, we meet CEO and Executive Coach, Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan. Lakshmi is not a military spouse, but an advocate and volunteer in our community. She and I met at a USO event on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and I was absolutely blown away by her energy, her insights, and her then inexplicably deep knowledge of Dr. Brene Brown’s work. She kindly let me connect with her after the workshop and after several conversations, I discovered who this magnificently talented and accomplished woman is. 

Over the past 23 years, Lakshmi has helped hundreds of leaders and teams at companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Starbucks re-center and re-imprint themselves with truly transformative results. Her proven Infinite Impact 4C’s approach helps clients achieve Clarity, Capacity, Courage and Connection. Before founding her business Infinite Impact, she spent 13 top bracket years at Microsoft. She has over 5000 hours of professional coaching experience, and was invited by Dr. Brene Brown to be one of 6 Master Facilitators worldwide of “Brave Leadership”, her groundbreaking courage-building program for corporations. Lakshmi holds a PhC from the University of Washington, a master’s degree from Georgetown, and is a graduate of the Strategic Marketing Management Program at Stanford Business School.

Please join me for a wonderful tale of unbecoming, of rediscovering who you are, and learning how to show up in the arenas of your life bravely as your best and truest self. This is my conversation with CEO and Top Executive Coach, my friend, Lakshmi Gopalkrishnan.

You can connect with Lakshmi on LinkedIn and visit her website to learn more about how to work with her as a coach!

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