SO Unbecoming Episode 11: Payroll Administrator Ashley Chenot

If you’re a regular listener, you probably noticed I didn’t publish an episode last week Tuesday. I will fully admit the doctoral student, working mom and Navy wife life is definitely catching up to me. On top of that it’s time to prep for our next PCS move SO I’ll be publishing new episodes every other Tuesday until we’re in our new home in Washington DC this summer. Thank you for your patience!

This week’s guest is Navy spouse and mom of one Ashley Chenot. I’m excited she’s going to share her story here because it’s perhaps a different story than we’ve heard before. Ashley hasn’t really had to move during her spouse’s still active duty career and has been able to maintain employment in her field, but even without relocation, it’s taken a bit of initiative on her part to make her career work for her and her family. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Payroll Administrator, Ashley Chenot.

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